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azoblue writes: Tapping into drones’ video feeds was just the start. The U.S. military’s primary system for bringing overhead surveillance down to soldiers and Marines on the ground is also vulnerable to electronic interception, multiple military sources tell Danger Room. That means militants have the ability to see through the eyes of all kinds of combat aircraft — from traditional fighters and bombers to unmanned spy planes. The problem is in the process of being addressed. But for now, an enormous security breach is even larger than previously thought.
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Not Just Drones; Military Aircraft Susceptible Too

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  • This is just too stupid for words.
    What possible (bad) explanation could they have for this?

  • Saw this on fox news and cnn. The Pentagon is downplaying this story and I suppose for good reason...they don't want to open a can of worms. Apparently they solved the problem... and applied a better form of encryption in a matter of one or two hours.

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