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Submission + - Garage door openers now have a DMCA notice? ( 3

corrosive_nf writes: "Over at Ars an editor discovered this on his garage door opener: "If this Security+ garage door opener is operated with a non-rolling code transmitter, the technical measure in the receiver of the garage door opener, which provides security against code-theft devices, will be circumvented," said the manual. "The owner of the copyright in the garage door opener does not authorize the purchaser or supplier of the non-rolling code transmitter to circumvent that technical measure.""
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Garage door openers now have a DMCA notice?

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  • Skylink, a maker of garage door openers, broke the exact DRM that the Ars article mentioned. Chamberlain sued. Chamberlain lost in the Federal Circuit []. Lexmark tried the same thing on its printer cartridges, but two months later, the Sixth Circuit ruled against Lexmark too []. So the DMCA is not a free pass to lock out competitors and especially not to do things that would otherwise violate antitrust law.
    • I just read the article. It summarizes Chamberlain v. Skylink, including the fact that the court ruled against Chamberlain, makers of this "Security+" garage door opener. Then it goes on to explain how Chamberlain tried to work around it by writing Chamberlain's preferred interpretation of the DMCA (which failed in two different appeals circuits) into what amounts to a EULA and how that probably won't fly in court either. Perhaps the Slashdot article's summary could be clarified with this sort of info befor
  • Everything else has some sort of disclaimer that you cant use your own device as you see fit.

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