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Submission + - Verizon won't support Google mobile problem (

jank1887 writes: A few weeks ago Google changed it's mobile site Root Certificate Authority. Unfortunately for a group of Verizon Wireless customers, their LG phones shipped with a preset list of a few trusted authorities, with no user certificate update capability. Verizon blames either Google for making a change or outdated phones for not supporting "changing security standards". Of course, Verizon Wireless is still selling some of the problem phones at its stores and website. Seeing as how Google tops the list of mobile web site visits, some users are upset at problem phones walling off part of the internet. Google blames Verizon, Verizon blames Google, customers are left piecing together conflicting customer service statements, all while their precious mobile Gmail is unavailable. It may be worth noting that users had a similar problem with Facebook in years past until the site implemented a less secure mobile login procedure for deficient devices.
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Verizon won't support Google mobile problem

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