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BubbaDoom writes: In our cublicle-ville, we have programmers intermixed with accounting, customer support and marketing. As a programmer, it is our habit to put on our headphones and listen to our portable music players to drown out all of the noise from everyone else. The boss recently sent an email just to the programmers demanding that we do not use our music players at work because he thinks it distracts us from our jobs and causes us to make mistakes. Of course we've explained to him that the prattle from the other people is much much more distracting but he insists his policy is the right one. What is the /. community's experience with music at work for programmers?
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Music while programming

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  • that is just idiotic.
  • According to this study (, "those in the classical music condition performed better on the problem-solving task than those in the Punk music or No Music conditions". I've always listened to music at work, and if my boss ever told me to ditch the music, I would probably start looking for a new job elsewhere. Such a policy seems unwarranted, and any possible gain in productivity would be lost due to lower employee morale.
    • Correct, it's simply a boss asserting his authority, just because he can. I could almost understand if he said it was because you may not hear the fire alarm, but that is still ludicrous as a) you'd still hear it, and b) your colleagues running out would I imagine, not be drowned out my music. This is jobs worth, pure and simple. That guy should grow up and stop acting like a petchalant child. Luckily in my place, bosses become bosses in the most part through proper promotion after earning your spurs lower
  • I think it's rarely a good idea to make blanket statements on things like this because I suspect it depends greatly on the person and the environment. I've had great success with listening to music while programming over the years, and I've seen and known many other programmers who do the same. It sounds like your boss may be being a bit heavy handed to be "demanding" that programmers not listen to music, especially when he "thinks" it negatively impacts the quality of their work. Maybe you could suggest

  • So get some other sound blocking technology that doesn't provide an outlet for your ADHD and put up a bunch of "SHUT UP" signs.
  • ...then why does he care? seriously? (sighs) The reality is that this is your boss on a power trip; unfortunately for you he's your boss, which means you lose. Because as far as he's concerned you can do as he asks or find a new job. Sad but true.

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