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Raindeer writes: We're not always aware of it here in the USA, but there are many ISPs out there in the world who do things quite differently than what we're used to. Some of these ISPs ideas are even really good. Ars surveys the global ISP landscape and paints a picture of what a dream ISP might look like.

So what would it take to craft a truly "cool" ISP, one that attracted legions of adoring customers who sing its praises to everyone they meet? Fortunately, ISPs around the world are doing innovative things at prices that will make your jaw drop. Join us on our worldwide quest to find the coolest ISPs in the world, then get ready to write your own service provider a strongly worded note once you know what else is possible.

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How to be the world's greatest ISP

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  • My ISP regularly sends us a letter informing they have multiplied x times our connection speed, for free (so I keep being a nice customer and don't change to another provider). The ISP landscape is this: Telecom owns a big share of the submarine wires to Miami and Portugal, effectively joining my country (and Uruguay) to the rest of the world. Telecom's ISP is arguably the best and it runs ADSL.

    Then you have the main cable TV company which costs a bit more (they have to pay extra for the connection) but gi

    • I live in central Finland, 20km from the nearest town, and a long way from any big city. Our ISP rolled out fiber to the house a couple of years ago, so we have 100Mb down 10Mb up with no throttling or throughput limits (we only use a fraction of this bandwidth, but reach a few hundred GB throughput in some months). The fiber net has upstream connections through a set of 10Gb switches. Apparently, this is profitable for the ISP, despite the monthly fees being lower than what US victims pay for slower links

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