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realsilly writes: "I am a Business Systems Analyst. I am often asked to write documentation beyond requirements. These stem from Scope documents to How To guides and beyond. Now I'm fairly organized in taking capturing information, I tend to ask questions to get information correct and I'm fairly knowledgeable with many of the the MS Office tools so I see these as selling features of when I'm trying to look for employment. I am basically a Jack Of All Trades, except, I'm a girl. I recently took a new position a company where I'm a rare female among many male engineers and developers. The few females on my floor are engineers themselves and in a different department. So when I joined there was a department secretary who helped to support our team, but she moved to another building, and suddenly, I'm being asked to take notes in meetings where I have no business being. I'm receiving calls from strangers to check on availability of meeting rooms, I'm being asked to help with presentations that need quick easy to access (imo) information. I've was told in front of several male counterparts during a lunch session, "...since we don't have and Admin, I'm going to pull you to set up xyz...." where xyz is sometimes considered an Admin task.

Now all of these request could be because I'm quick organized and efficient and I'm only 300% booked by comparison to my fellow coworkers who are more booked than I, or some of these requests are what they appear to be, blatant sexism. I'm looking for some feedback from the Slashdot community, of both Women and Men."
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Sexism or Not

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  • It's difficult to say, but it certainly sounds like you are being taken advantage of. It may well not be sexism per se, but the fact that you are willing to bend to their will and do all the non-job-related tasks people are asking you to do might have something to do with the increasing amount of stupid tasks people are asking you to do.

    That said, I rather suspect that if you raise concerns of sexism, that crap will back way off. Mostly due to no one wanting to get sued.

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