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Submission + - Electric MINI Cooper has rough start ( 2

TopSpin writes: BMW's limited roll out of the electric version of its MINI has met with complaints from early adopters including less than advertised range, cold weather charging problems, bulky batteries and connection issues. Richard Steinburg, BMW's manager of electric vehicle operations, assures everyone that the manufacturer is "learning quite a bit as we go." Drivers are paying $850/month for the privilege of helping BMW learn how to build EVs, while also helping BMW meet alternative fuel mandates so that other models can continue to be sold in select markets.
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Electric MINI Cooper has rough start

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  • It cannot only be me, that thinks tens of thousands of dollars for such a consumable is a lot of money.

    I admit I like bicycles. They're fun, and healthy; what's not to like? And I intentionally chose to live near good public transportation. If everyone has their price, I wonder what the median price is for convenience is.

    Humans needs to make better choices, and not accidentally choose for the path of least resistance.

    Admit it car-owners, there's much to be free of, isn't there?

    • by tepples ( 727027 )

      And I intentionally chose to live near good public transportation.

      That doesn't help if your job or your SO's job is far from public transportation.

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