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Lucas123 writes: If you expect IT to be used to reduce costs, increase capability and reduce work load, then along with the technology you need competence to advanced knowledge of possibilities, the creativity to derive or invent solutions with that knowledge, and the (un)common sense to assess the implications of such solutions. As Computerworld columnist Jeff Ello so eloquently puts it, 'Technology is unable to produce intelligent results without intelligent direction, a truism encapsulated in the formerly popular computer acronym GIGO, 'garbage in, garbage out.' Everyone claims to value competence. And yet your IT still — for lack of a better term — sucks. It's just that simple. What goes unspoken, or at least unheard, is that the way the typical organization positions and utilizes its IT resources sucks.'
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The Unspoken Truth About Why Your IT Sucks

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  • has more than just IT people who aren't competent, they also have managers who did the employee screening and hiring who are incompetent for hiring incompetent IT workers.

    Seriously in the USA before the Dotcom bubble bursted, Quality was the first priority, but after the Dotcom bubble burst most IT departments and business management went for "Good Enough" quality in that so long as it compiles with no errors (even if it has compile warnings ship it) it gets shipped. The Dotcom companies failed due to incom

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