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Submission + - Sprint Reveals Customer GPS Data 8 Million Times ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Sprint started a portal for law enforcement to access Sprint customer data. It's been a hit. According to a researcher covering the story:
"Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies with its customers' (GPS) location information over 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009"
To put that in perspective, Sprint has ~50 million customers. One request per six customers seems a little steep.

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Sprint Reveals Customer GPS Data 8 Million Times

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  • Speaking of getting caught up in misleading paranoid headlines... over the course of a year there could be hundreds or thousands of requests for one individual "they" are actively tracking. The source does not distinguish between multiple requests for the same individual, and unique contacts. Those 8 million requests may be only a few thousand individuals. To the source: More data less paranoia please. To the AC submitter: More insight, less fear-mongering please.

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