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intedinmamma writes: At 20.45 on Saturday the 28th of November the police raided the social centre Utkanten in Malmö, where the hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen is housed. Twenty officers in full riot gear and ski masks broke into the space, using crowbars. The official reason for the raid was to do a “pub check” because of the suspicion that there was illegal selling of alcohol going on at a punk concert. After the raid the cops confiscated a lot of stuff, being indiscriminate as to whose effects were removed. A lot of equipment from Forskningsavdelningen were taken, and also some personal belongings, even though the hackerspace was unaffiliated with the group arranging the concert downstairs.
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Swedish Hackerspace raided by the police

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  • The police reports this was a raid on an illegal club, thy were primarily interested in illegal sales of alcohol.

    In addition to the stuff taken mentioned in Hackerspaces post []

    Stuff confiscated.
    * 860 beers, 33 cl cans.
    * 39 bottles of booze.
    * 66 liters wine

    Other illegal or "problematic" things found and seized
    * 6 improvised explosive devices. Of low explosive force, mainly used to make a big bang.
    * 3 high power green light laser pointers. May nee

    • Only some of that equipment was found at the Hacklab itself. The overwhelming rest was found at the punk concert of a different organisation on a different level of the building, *nothing to do* with Forsk...

      And keying machines are not "problematic" since they are perfectly legal and incidently are used in hacker spaces around the world.

      Don't just repeat the police press crap, this isn't suitable to the incident.

      Innocent people with an odd (to the outstanders eye) interest in technology were treated as pote

      • Also, don't forget: if they were primarily interested in alcohol, where did the IT "professionals" come from?

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