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Submission + - Commercial Launch Vehicle Market Ignores Recession (spaceflightnow.com)

BJ_Covert_Action writes: Spaceflightnow.com is running an interesting piece about the growing economy in the launch vehicle industry. Apparently, while the bulk of the world's industries are facing the global recession and some are struggling to get by, commercial launch vehicle programs worldwide are posting nothing but economic growth regarding their 2008-2009 numbers. It appears that commercial vehicle programs offered from China, Russia, and Europe are seeing the highest rate of adoption by the commercial sector. Meanwhile, the EELV program being managed by ULA, while not seeing as drastic a growth as other launch vehicle programs, is holding strong through its preferential status for military and DOD launches. Also on the American front, Elon Musk chimes in with some of his opinions regarding the launch vehicle market in the article with respect to the upcoming Falcon 9 test launches and, hopefully, commercial launches in 2010.

It appears that much of the growth in the launch vehicle industry stems from the fact that governments and civilian organizations alike are demanding more Earth Observation satellites than ever before, ranging in application from surveillance satellites to climate data gathering satellites. The other major contributor to the growth of the launch vehicle market seems to be the explosion in demands for communications satellites on orbit.

One industry financial analyst sums up the discussion with a wonderful little quip:

"Crisis, what crisis,"... "There is no crisis in orbit," ...

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Commercial Launch Vehicle Market Ignores Recession

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