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An anonymous reader writes: As a long time reader and anonymous contributor, it saddens me to say Slashdot sucks. This has been going on for some time it seems. But I was the last to be told. I started hanging out at Reddit -Google it!- and noticed everything happened there 2 days in advance of Slashdot. But that's not why *I* think Slashdot sucks.

I think Slashdot sucks because its comment system is broken.

1) Comments take up too much screen real estate. 3 comments max can appear on the screen. On Reddit, you get more, thus...
2) Reddit is easier to skim and find what is useful. Slashdot forces you to scroll scroll scroll, then move the comments bar down to get more in view, then click click click on the add more comments button, then play with the stupid bar again. This is ridiculously complicated. Back in the good old days, you would just change the rating level, and all the posts that level and above would appear below. Now God only knows what posts will appear, thus...
3) The dynamic commenting system buries Anonymous posts much worse than before. Posting as anonymous is like writing on a napkin, wiping your mouth with it, and tossing it in the garbage. Why bother? I mean, unless you're eating tacos.

I, A. Coward, no longer want to contribute content to Slashdot if it ends up in some unnavigable comment hell. If I'm skipping the comments out of frustration with the script (along with the main stories, hell, the whole site these days), so are many others.

Proposed solution. Reduce screen real estate for comments. (Yes it solves everything!) Strive to get 8 one-line posts onto an average 15" laptop screen.

1) Get rid of the subject line, pointless rounded bubble edging, big honking reply buttons, all those vertical lines that exist only as symptoms of the underlying problem.
2) Use visual cues for up-voted content / posters with good karma (green = good, red = bad). Dim/shrink downvoted content, but don't hide its existence.
3) Instead of hiding posts, concatenate all posts more aggressively, maybe at 250 words for registered users, 150 words for anonymous cowards. Concatenate flamebait and trolls to one line, ~20 words. If you want to read more, click the post to dynamically load the rest of it.

While you guys are busy fixing the site, I'll write my ideas down on napkins and hang out at Reddit.

So why do *you* think Slashdot sucks?

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Why do you think Slashdot sucks?

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