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Everything2 hits 2 million nodes

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  • One of E2's little historical items was its hitting 1 million nodes back in March of 2001 []. Perhaps foreshadowing the move of the site away from "irreverent encyclopedia" and more towards "good writing" can be seen in the comment on that story left by Jimbo Wales [], promoting Wikipedia, then with 2000 articles "many of very good quality".
    • by dead_one ( 60558 )

      It was that slashdot article that lead me to E2 originally; interesting that gaining a million nodes since then sounds like a lot, until you think of it as merely doubling in size. Of course, there's a question as to how many writeups specifically there are, as 'everything is a node'; and whether that's more than double what we had in 2001 (or have kept from then, perhaps).

      • There are 342,302 total writeups on E2 that haven't been removed from view which weren't automatically added from the Webster 1913 dictionary. (102,719 entries were "auto-noded" from Webster's and most have been around since E2's inception.) Given that a great many of nodes from before 2000 were deleted in recent years, I'd wager about 300,000 of those writeups have been created since March 2001.

        • by Apatrix ( 125118 )

          The ratio of new to old (pre-millionth node) writeups is almost exactly 2:1, actually. While much more of the stuff posted since 03/2001 has stuck and much of the older stuff was deleted around 2002/3, there was a fair amount of worthy, inspirational writing around from early on.

          Long story short, excluding deleted content, the number of user-contributed writeups has trebled. Hardly wiki-impressive or even in line with the growth of most other sites but we're still there. While mass-audience glory may still

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