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The Gimp

Submission + - Where's the GIMP? 3

reyahtbor writes: I searched Google News and Slashdot and nobody seems to think that the absence of a major open source project is news worthy. I, and a number of other people I've spoken too haven't been able to get to for nearly a week. What gives?
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Where's the GIMP?

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  • Good question. doesn't seem to work for me either, but does.

    Maybe the guy who runs the main site forgot to pay the bill? Or maybe he ran out of money? Or got pissed because nobody donated money for bandwidth? Or an asteriod hit his server?

    Maybe if you find out who hosts the site, you can figure out what happened. last listed it on july 2008.

    • A simple DNS lookup shows that resolves to, while resolves to Because of the similarities of the IP address, you know that it is being hosted by the same people/group/company. A simple whois on the IP addresses shows that they belong to the University of California. I've tracerouted from several machines I have access to (physical and remote), and they all return "Destination host unreachable", or something along those lines. My gu
    • perhaps the simplest way to find out how big the meteor was is to send an email to the webmaster (his email address is listed on the developer page).

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