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Submission + - AbiCollab takes on Google Docs and Zoho Writer 1

msevior writes: Just released today, the Free Software AbiWord Word Processor, employed by the One Laptop Per Child project, tightly integrates with the new website to enable easy real-time collaborative editing of documents. The website also enables documents to be stored online, allows format conversion on the fly, stores the history of the docs in svn, provides direct links to HTML-ized docs that update as you save them and allows easy sharing of docs amongst friends and groups.

All in all, new competition for Google Docs and Zoho Writer but one that employs a real Word Processor rather than an app in a browser.
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AbiCollab takes on Google Docs and Zoho Writer

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  • Actually, you can create permalinks to a document in any format you like, such as PDF, .docx, .odf, rtf, html, or other formats. As soon as you make an edit, all permalinks will be automatically be updated with the latest document contents, thus removing the need to "export" in a particular format yourself.

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