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Submission + - Is HTTPTorrent the next-gen for web browsing? ( 2

DeFender1031 writes: We're all aware of BitTorrent and how it works. This proposal suggests that some of the concepts of BitTorrent can be applied to run-of-the-mill web browsing to lighten server load and distribute downloads to browsers which have already cached the same site. While it's not an official RFC, the idea certainly has promise, and if implemented, could help speed up download times, but more importantly, it could help small (or even large) websites save bandwidth, and as we all know, bandwidth is money.
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Is HTTPTorrent the next-gen for web browsing?

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  • But page loads for the non-dynamic content on webpages only takes a couple of seconds to load 99% of the time.

    the last time I started a torrent it took at least 15 seconds to exchange peers and begin downloading at speeds faster than a trickle.
    • Page loading can take a very long time for static content if it's sizable, and the server can't serve that much over its own connection. The topic for this is a bit misleading, it's not "HTTP Torrent", but "Dynamic HTTP" which although borrowing ideas from BitTorrent would be different and not suffer the same initial speed issues. Read the original article.

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