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Submission + - Net Neutrality: FCC swamped with negative comments (openinternet.gov)

ZuchinniOne writes: The FCC has proposed new rules for Net Neutrality and they are currently in the process of getting public feedback for the suggested rules. However there are a disturbingly large number of negative, anti-neutrality submissions from people who seem to think that Net Neutrality is a new thing and equivalent to a government takeover of the internet.

It is unclear if these comments are due to the spin some news organizations are putting on Net Neutrality. Or if they are due to the astroturfing being done by big telecoms such as AT&T who asked their 200,000 employees to come out against Net Neutrality ... but to keep their affiliation with AT&T a secret when posting comments. There are also concerns that "AT&T is subtly threatening employees by describing the FCC as 'poised to regulate the Internet in a manner that would drive up consumer prices, and burden companies like ours while exempting companies like Google.'"

In support of this misinformation, John McCain (R) has introduced a bill to the senate which would block Net Neutrality. This seems a bit out of place for a person who freely admits he doesn't know how to use a computer. McCain's ironically named "Internet Freedom Act" will be competing against the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009" submitted by the Democrats in favor of Net Neutrality.

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Net Neutrality: FCC swamped with negative comments

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