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Submission + - How Would You Monitor Internet Access in the Home? 2

gwn writes: I googled this problem only to learn that I really need the help of folks who have a clue. I need your help Slashdot. I have been charged with the task of setting up a system to covertly monitor the internet use of some relatively tech savvy teenagers. The environment consists of a basic home network with each user accessing the internet with their machines through a common shared dsl connection. I am looking for suggestions on how to accomplish this. If you have had success with software installed on the client, proxy servers installed on the network, or sniffing software, etc., please let me know the details. The adults in this situation are simply concerned for the teens. And yes, they have talked to them, but know they are not getting the whole story.
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How Would You Monitor Internet Access in the Home?

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  • find a spare box, on the network, install something like winPcap, wireshark or even better Snort and just sit back, collect packets and analyze the data later, or whenever. there is not much of a way to tell a snort box is on the network and provides totally passive (unless otherwise configured) monitoring of an entire network....just a thought

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