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Submission + - What If Texas Executed an Innocent Man? (newyorker.com) 3

Fished writes: "In the debate on the modern death penalty, proof that an innocent man has actually been executed in modern times has become a grisly milestone--proof that even with all the modern safeguards, the death penalty is still fundamentally flawed. In the words of Sandra Day O'Connor, 'execution of a legally and factually innocent person would be a constitutionally intolerable event.' Regrettably, as detailed in this article from the New Yorker, which includes fascinating details on the science fire investigation, that milestone appears to have been met. On February 17, 2004, Cameron Todd Willingham was executed for a fire that killed his 3 daughters, a fire that was not, after all, arson. May he rest in piece."
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What If Texas Executed an Innocent Man?

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  • ...more often than you like. New evidence presents itself after some time, and it turns out that the wrong person was executed. This is one of the primarily points of people who are against the death penalty: it's irrevocable, even if you turn out to be wrong.
  • However I believe Justice Scalia has said that there it is not necessarily unconstitutional for an innocent man to be executed. [newsweek.com]

    Hey other US folks: this guys sits on YOUR Supreme court!

  • The decision to end someone's life for a crime is not just some big decision to make that day - any jury, state, court, etc. undertaking the choice of life or death away from another person is assuming a great control. Do I think a person proven guilty of rape, murder, pedophilia, etc deserve to be punished to the furthest extent of the law our society allows? certainly. Do I think we can wield the power of life or death with the ease of a gavel dropping? no. While the murderer had no such compunction wh

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