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serverguy writes: I came across a rather awkward/awesome situation yesterday.

While on the job I entered a ladies office in order to do some work, I noticed a small baby in the corner of the room which I thought was a nice touch.

I needed to do some work on her laptop so I suggested taking it into another room to work on, as I was leaving the room she then asked if I minded if she fed her baby as she didn't want me freaking out on my return, which I said I was fine with as I expected to be around 30 minutes with the laptop.

As I returned to drop the laptop off, the ladies back was facing me which I thought feeding time must be over, but no, she swings around with this ginormous breast with a baby attached to it.............

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Boobs in the workplace

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  • Well, she uses her breasts for their main purpose. If she would mind you seeing them while breastfeeding, she would try to conceal them. So I guess she would not rip your throat out if you lose eye contact for a second or two, as long as you don't stare at her breasts.
  • There has been many debate about this subject over the years. I just feel you encountered a very liberated woman and doing what nature intended. You should be proud of the experience. Many people find breast feeding in public taboo. Personally I do not find it offensive, but as this is a rare occurrence, to some people it is quite shocking. She did the right thing asking if you did not mind her breast feeding. It also takes a liberated man to enjoy that experience. I just think you were a little stunned s

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