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Submission + - Fans Come Together to Complete Star Wars Uncut (starwarsuncut.com) 1

eldavojohn writes: "Star Wars Uncut has taken a novel approach to remaking Star Wars IV: A New Hope. You merely sign up for a 15 second clip, film it and submit it. The trailer is now complete and I will suspect you might enjoy the high quality (and low quality) of some of the already accepted scenes. 251 scenes remain in need of claiming with 688 claimed and 291 finished. Do your part to remake one of the greatest movies by filming fifteen seconds of yourself and your friends!"
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Fans Come Together to Complete Star Wars Uncut

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  • maybe we/they can rescript, recast, and remake the prequels. Gumby as Yoda, anyone? Moral Orel's dad as Anakin. Jar-Jar omitted entirely :)

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