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Submission + - Open access to exercise data?

identity0 writes: A recent Slashdot article about heart rate monitors in schools got me thinking about getting one for my own exercise. It turns out there's a wide range of features, from calorie rate, pedometers, GPS, and PC connectivity. Being a geek, I wanted one that would let me look at my exercise data, and I'm curious what experiences Slashdotters have had with them. Some download data to a proprietary application, so I'm wondering if there are open source alternatives or the data format is easily readable. Others upload data to an online app, and I'm wondering if the data can be pulled off the site or it's forever trapped on their servers. While I'm not paranoid about my data being shared or an open source zealot, I would like to know that I can access my data in the future. Whatever method you guys use to monitor your exercise, I'd love to hear it!
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Open access to exercise data?

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