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Submission + - Screening User Reviews writes: For Ask SLashdot: I recently purchased a NAS from a well known online computer component shop. I have purchased serveral items from the website and have never had much trouble before. That was untill i relaised what i had bought was a terrible NAS. All the reviews on the site from users all seemed very good. After a little research it became clear that the product in question was indeed terrible. After finding the product pretty much unless for its intended purpose I proceeded to write a review for it on the website to inform other would be buyers. After about a week i noticed that the review never made it up there. So i worte another one just in case. After several attempts to leave a bad review for the product i realised that the website was screening reviews and only posting the ones that made the products look good. All the reviews on the website are all positive, I have yet found one being less than 3 out of 5 stars. My question is "Is this legal?". Ethically speaking this is wrong. Totaly misleading customer. Is there some where i can report this kind of activity? Is it Common place?
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Screening User Reviews

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