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Submission + - Palm Profile website outage diables Palm Pre. 1

luiss writes: "Palm Pre owners have to register and create a Palm Profile before they can activate your phone. The Palm Profile website has been down since sometime last night. If your phone happens to contact the site while it's down, it prompts you to "Restart" or "Erase All Data"! If you restart, it will not activate until you login to your Palm Profile, which is down. It does give you the option to make a 911 call or contact customer support. Customer support is not available. Palm Pre forums are slowly coming to life as Pre owners across the US start to wake up and finding their Pre has become a brick until further notice."
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Palm Profile website outage diables Palm Pre.

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  • Seems that the pre is too much phone for such small company, they are trying rally hard, in few years they developed a enterilely new os, designed the hardware, made an app store, an sdk... they achived a lot in such small period of time!

    It is really hard to imagine how Palm has changed so drastically in just a couple of years, there was a time when critical bugs were left alone (treo 680 camera bug, please dont eat my battery!), support for recently launched devices was minimal, a total mess.

    I guess all th

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