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Submission + - Interview of Alistair G. Crooks, President of the 2

NetBSDfr writes: "Since June 2009, the french speaking NetBSD advocacy group, NetBSDfr, has started a series of interviews with NetBSD developers. These interviews are available on the brand new NetBSD Blog :

This month, NetBSDfr had the chance to discuss with Alistair G. Crooks, president of The NetBSD Foundation. Since Alistair is one of NetBSD's early hackers, he gave us a very unique point of view on many aspects, including what makes NetBSD so special as well as the future he foresees for the Operating System."

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Interview of Alistair G. Crooks, President of the

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  • The interviews presented here are excellent! Very interesting.
    I should try using NetBSD a bit more often.
    Anyways, thanks for the post!
  • I read them all and I must say that I really love these interviews. They're showing a good retrospective of best practices within opensource software development, explaining the current situation in the NetBSD project, and slightly opening the future by expressing opinions of pioneers within IT industry, such as Alistair and others.

    Many thanks interviewers for doing that. Please keep up the good work!

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