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Submission + - Police Want Identities of Online Critics 2

An anonymous reader writes: The police chief in Ausitn, TX is not happy that people are voicing their disapproval of him via anonymous blog posts and comments. The chief claims that "such posts erode public trust in the department". The chief wants to find out who these people are and investigate and prosecute such posters of what he deems defamatory and libelous. Interestingly, the article notes that "the Associated Press has reported that most of the cases fail because statements of opinion are protected under the First Amendment." One wonders if this is a legitimate problem that warrants public money to investigate, or whether it is the people who deserve the most public scrutiny don't like it when others take issue with their job performance.
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Police Want Identities of Online Critics

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  • I support the police in most things, but this is over the edge. I think public conversations online actually help police the police. There's nothing the chief can do about it either.
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