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GameboyRMH writes: Maximum PC reports that major MMO publishers (Blizzard, Turbine, SOE, NCSoft, and Jagex) are being sued by Paltalk, which holds a patent on "sharing data among many connected computers so that all users see the same digital environment" — a patent that would seem to apply to any multiplayer game played between multiple systems, at the very least. Paltalk has already received an out-of-court settlement from Microsoft earlier this year in relation to a lawsuit over the Halo games.

If Microsoft can't fend off Paltalk's legal attacks, the odds don't look good for their latest group of targets.

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Major MMO Publishers Sued for Patent Infringement

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  • Microsoft uses software patents as part of their competitive arsenal, so they don't necessarily have a vested interest in attacking the premise of software patents and Halo is minuscule compared to the rest of their business. I wonder if these MMO software companies would look at it the same way. Could be an opportunity for a consortium of sizable software companies to go to battle and contest the viability of software patents... let's hope that it's the case and the big companies can help clean up the me

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