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Submission + - British film 'Creation' banned in USA ( 8

thesappho writes: "From the story : "British film 'Creation' will not be coming to the United States because of its controversial theme. While the film opened the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews, the religious undertones surrounding this Darwin biopic appear to be to much for the U.S. ". It seems that the film could not find even one distributor to be aired. Is this a kind of banning? negligence? censorship? or business decision?"
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British film 'Creation' banned in USA

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  • Are you an idiot? Or have you just watched too much MSNBC?

  • The movie is not banned, it just does not have any distributors.

    Less chest beating, more accuracy please.

    • How about boycotted, blackballed, shunned ?
      • by AHuxley ( 892839 )
        boycotted, blackballed, shunned sounds like a cartel not allowing the movie in.
        Nobody wants their complex or screen turned into a town hall?
        TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF....
        Reels hanging from trees like under the ....
    • by AHuxley ( 892839 )
      Can you watch the movie in the USA?
      Pressure was exerted and the movie was not picked up by US distributors.
      Banned is correct.
      "does not have any distributors" makes it sound like any other movie that would was not picked up on a purely cash/return calculation.

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