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Submission + - SPAM: Open Source Growing Faster in Emerging Markets

itwbennett writes: In a webinar Wednesday, John Andrews, Evans Data president and CEO, presented research on 'Contrasting Software Development Trends Between the Emerging Markets and the Rest of the World.' Among the differences in language use, tools, and technology adoption, there were 'a few statistics of interest to the open source community,' writes Esther Schindler. 'In particular: the emerging markets — which include India, China, and Brazil — have more FOSS adoption and a higher concentration of effort in open source. Three quarters (74%) of developers in emerging markets use open source software for at least part of their work, compared to 65% of developers worldwide.... That 11% difference is particularly important because of the growth of the emerging markets. That is, the number of software development jobs are growing worldwide (yes, really, they are) but three times as many programming, testing and other development jobs are being generated in the emerging markets as there are in APAC regions, North America, and Europe. The point is, anything that's taking off in the emerging markets is likely to have a major long-term influence.'
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Open Source Growing Faster in Emerging Markets

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