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Submission + - Fastest Tetris game (40 lines in under 24 seconds) (gamepoint.co.uk)

Rik Haandrikman writes: "After about a year of working with the international Tetris community GamePoint has launched their own falling block puzzle game inspired by Tetris: Blockbox. The game, built entirely in Java, has minimized factors like input-lag and features advanced control customisation options. This has allowed Maserati, one of the games' earlier testers, to break the world record in the 40 lines challenge. This game mode challenges players to clear 40 lines as fast as possible. Maserati managed to clear 40 lines in the amazing time of 23.68 seconds! Replays are automatically saved and as this new record has been uploaded to Youtube, you can watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yacPN8RIVSE To play the game yourself (and match your strength against Maserati) visit http://www.blockboxgame.com/ Registering and playing is totaly free."
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Fastest Tetris game (40 lines in under 24 seconds)

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