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Submission + - Could construction workers breach network security 6

HiGuys writes: "My wife and I bought a new apartment which we needed to thoroughly gut. In the process we installed Cat5e to all rooms. A few days later we ran into problems with the men doing the plastering: they weren't working, they were rude to us, and an Internet search revealed eBay scams in the past of their ringleader. They were already disgruntled, and the situation deteriorated rapidly, ending in us firing them a few days later. However, I am now worried about the network cables running everywhere in our house. I am a fairly anxious individual, and I am worried that a device could easily have been piggybacked onto our network in a place that is no longer accessible to us (inside the walls, ceiling, etc.) It seems that they could either install a device that would surreptitiously forward data/passwords out of the house, or perhaps they might have set up a rogue access point. The main problem is that I do not have enough funds left over to rip up the cabling to restore my peace of mind. Is my imagined scenario possible? Likely? Easy to fix? Has anyone had a similar experience? How would you go about restoring sanity, aside from medication/tranquilizers?"
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Could construction workers breach network security

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  • Get an ethernet cable tester and test all your runs to make sure they're wired through. Seriously, did you not think of that before you asked all of slashdot?

    • by HiGuys ( 689714 )
      I did think of that, but then I thought that a properly configured tap mid-way through a run would pass on the signal without interfering with a cable test.

      I realize that it might not be worth all of Slashdot's attention, but I was interested in seeing what people thought of as options for infiltrating wired networks. I couldn't find a serious discussion of wired network security that went beyond a simple rogue access point.

      • by rakslice ( 90330 )

        If you're worried about sophisticated attacks, why did you pay someone to run your cable for you? ;P

        • by HiGuys ( 689714 )
          I didn't worry about the cable layer... he was a good guy and the concrete walls were open already. I was working at the time in any case, and plastering/painting needed to be done quickly afterwards. I'm replying too much to my own story, but hey.
  • You do sounds a bit paranoid to me, but that is a problem to be solved as well.

    A simple cable tester could be foiled by a hardwire tap. My best bid at checking for such a tap would be to measure impedance of each connector at various frequencies and compare those numbers to those of an identical cable. If you can get an advanced cable tester that output results as various electrical properties, then that should do the trick as well.
    • by HiGuys ( 689714 )
      Thanks, great idea. I've already used a cell phone camera to peek around in the walls through light switches, and the impedance would be more than enough to set my mind at ease.

      I agree that the paranoia is a problem... you know it's bad when your nuttiness comes through in 3 seconds on the Internet... To be honest, this really is insane because the same guy got caught in an eBay forgery scam where he sold fake items under his real name. He undoubtedly wouldn't be so sophisticated about tripping me up,

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