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Submission + - How Many Rejections Will It Take to Kill 1-Click?

theodp writes: "Last week, a USPTO Examiner issued another 'Final Rejection' for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' 1-Click patent. So will Amazon finally suck it up and be a gracious loser? Don't bet on it. The e-tailer just dumped thousands more pages of documents — including 600+ pages of CORBA specifications and a 495-page CompuServe text — on the poor USPTO Examiners that got stuck with the 3.5+ year-old 1-Click patent reexamination, requesting a full review of them. Let's hope Amazon at least had the decency to submit the documents on one of their carry-your-library-in-10.2-ounces Kindles. After all, didn't 'patent-reformer' Amazon say they're all about making life easier for the overworked USPTO? BTW, when IBM sued Amazon for allegedly ripping off its IP ('Much, if not all, of Amazon's business is built on top of this property,' quipped IBM), new USPTO chief David Kappos was in charge of Big Blue's patent portfolio. Not sure if that's good news or bad — let's hope it's not out of the Amazon frying pan and into the IBM fire!"
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How Many Rejections Will It Take to Kill 1-Click?

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