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Submission + - Foundation trilogy update: Can Emmerich deliver? (sffmedia.com) 1

bowman9991 writes: "Now that Oscar nominated Robert Rodat, the screenwriter behind 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'The Patriot', is writing the screenplay for the first adaptation of Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation' series, is this production looking more promising? Director Roland Emmerich is not known for his delicate touch and story telling depth, which Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation' series is likely to need. Emmerich talks about why he choose Rodat and why he's set to direct all 3 'Foundation' movies, rather than just one. Perhaps Robert Rodat may help soften the approach of a director with all the subtlety of a nuclear detonation. "
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Foundation trilogy update: Can Emmerich deliver?

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  • I really can't see how Foundation would work as a movie. A miniseries, maybe, but it would be terribly hard to span all the times and situations from the books in one film, using enough different actors to not be comical and enough depth not to become a book review.
    • I think they'd have to include the beginning and show Hari Seldon alive, if only to make him recognizable in the Time Vault later on.
    • The original books did have some space scenes; want to bet the movies will have more? Including single seat fi

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