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Submission + - SPAM: Content is King in eCommerce

Dropship writes: "While the overall appearance of your website is of major importance, and good looking graphics are vital.....never forget that Content is King! Yes, content is king when it comes to ecommerce. The best photos and the snazziest website design cannot make up for great content. If you want to engage the interest of your visitors and keep it, you absolutely must have great, well written content. Here are some tips to having effective web content for your ecommerce business: Make it Clear: Read over your website content and ask yourself if it makes sense. Is it easy to understand? If not, then get rid of it and replace it with content that is clear, concise and very user-friendly. Even if your internet business sells products or services that are extremely technical, do your dead level best to avoid a lot of confusing techno geek speak on your website! Be Consistent with Content: If you have a mish-mash of different styles, fonts, abbreviations and numbering, your website will not only be confusing to your visitors, it will also seem amateurish. The last thing you want as a business is to come across as un-businesslike! As a general rule of thumb, it's best to have one person write all of your content. If this isn't feasible or possible, then coordinate so that styles are all consistent. Don't be Too Formal: The very nature of the World Wide Web allows for a certain amount of informality. You might say that on the internet, every day is "Casual Friday" like in the traditional work places where employees are permitted to wear jeans or more casual attire on Fridays. So, it's okay and even more personable to be a bit casual in your content. But Don't be Too Informal: Conversely, don't overdo it on the casual thing. You don't want your content to be stuffy or too formal, but you don't want to be downright sloppy, either. No poor grammar, misspellings, etc. as these things will make you seem not only unprofessional but dumb, which isn't a trust-builder with buyers. Polish your web content and make it shine---then watch your sales improve!"
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Content is King in eCommerce

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