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Submission + - Chinese Linux Tablets shown at IFA (charbax.com)

Charbax writes: "Small Chinese companies are showing interesting pocketable tablets at IFA 2009 running Android and Maemo Linux on different embedded ARM processors. Here during this first morning of IFA, I found a couple of very interesting tablets. SMIT shows a 4.8" WVGA Android tablet with built-in WiFi, GPS and USB host. Optima is showing a Maemo Linux powered tablet with a 4.3" WVGA touchscreen, integrated 3G and WiFi. During the next few days of IFA, I will be looking for more Android and Maemo Linux projects by small unknown but very innovative companies. Which should help keeping embedded Linux fans excited until the big brands like Archos, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Creative, Dell and dozens of other companies all come out with revolutionary embedded Linux smartphones and MIDs in the coming weeks and months to compete and destroy Apple's iphone OS, Nokia's Symbian and Wintel's failed X86 based UMPC/MID strategy."
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Chinese Linux Tablets shown at IFA

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