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Submission + - DFW Police Officer Gives Away Neighbor's Stuff 1

akleos writes: A police officer in the Dallas, TX suburb of Arlington, will face no charges for giving away his neighbor's property on Craigslist. The DA said that no law fit what the officer had allegedly done therefore no charges will be pressed. Is this a sign that state governments aren't up to speed with current events in the world of tech-law, or is this a case of preferential treatment? Here is the link to the article on the Dallas Morning News website:
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DFW Police Officer Gives Away Neighbor's Stuff

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  • ... that his pending disciplinary action with the police department would include a significant amount of his paycheck be paid to his neighbors to compensate them for the missing goods. Oh, wait, that would mean he'd still be pulling a paycheck, and therefore still on the payroll as a police officer. Bad idea. Someone who exercises this poor judgment has no place carrying a gun and "protecting and serving" the public.

    I'm sure there's a lot more to the story, and I doubt they were amicable neighbors, but

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