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Submission + - A 20% Drop in Internet P2P Due to ISP Filtering ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: A new report based on data from 100 US and European ISPs claims P2P has dropped to 20% of all Internet traffic. This is down from the 40% two years ago (also reported by the same company which sells subscriber traffic management equipment to ISPs). Report goes on to say the drop is likely due to continued, widespread ISP P2P shaping: "In fact, the P2P daily trend is pretty much completely inverted from daily traffic. In other words, P2P reaches it low at 4pm when web and overall Internet traffic approaches its peak... trend is highly suggestive of either persistent congestion or, more likely, evidence of widespread provider manipulation of P2P traffic rates.
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A 20% Drop in Internet P2P Due to ISP Filtering

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  • So either people are downloading when they're not busy doing something else, or ISP's are only shaping P2P at specific times of the day? The summary makes it sound like providers are generous and will only throttle your P2P traffic when there are more important things going on, but want you to share at other times with no restriction. Wouldn't that call into question their role as impartial and blind middlemen? If they can and do discern P2P traffic from 'legitimate' traffic, they can be forced to block sai
  • If peer-to-peer network traffic made up 40% of internet traffic two years ago and only makes up 20% of internet traffic now(which is itself an unproven claim)...

    1. That doesn't equal a 20% drop in internet peer-to-peer traffic.

      Unless internet traffic has increased by 60% in the last two years, going from being 40% of all internet traffic to being 20% of all internet traffic is not a 20% decrease.

    2. That doesn't equal a 50% drop in internet peer-to-peer traffic, either.

      The amount of traffic on the internet is like

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