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Submission + - US Air Force unveils "Gotcha Radar" image ( 1

lurking_giant writes: You don't want to be an "Enemy of the State" with the new radar imaging system unveiled at Wright Patterson AF base in Dayton Ohio yesterday. [Dayton Daily News] The new system can reportadly image a 5km circle at 400 megapixels per second thru cloud cover and record it to be reviewed. It's intended purpose is to allow backtracing of the movements of combatants to determine their origin by reverse replay of battles/attacks/bombings. [Image —] The data processing and storage needed to do this would make Google shudder.
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US Air Force unveils "Gotcha Radar" image

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  • The article talks about "scanning a circle" of 5km. One has to presume they're talking about radar from a single source, so that source has to be in the air at the time they are scanning. The article says nothing at all about the platform they would be scanning from. Odds would favor a UAV, probably a flying one (for speed-to-location) over an aerostat (for image stability).

    And if one reads carefully, one sees that "it is the goal" to achieve cockroach-size resolution. I have to wonder how close they re

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