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Submission + - 5 Netbooks M$ has Killed. ( 3

twitter writes: "PC World has a list of Netbooks that M$ has killed because they might hurt Windows 7 sales. The list includes some nice hardware and options that include gnu/linux.

Think most netbooks have single-core processors, 1GB of RAM, and a 160GB hard drive because their manufacturers like conformity? Right. The reality — never officially acknowledged — is that Microsoft doesn't cheaply license its operating systems to netbooks with specs that are too good (see the limitations at TechARP)

Actually, the details have leaked in the past and manufacturers have complained in public. It's time for the anti-trust cops to do their job."

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5 Netbooks M$ has Killed.

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  • I do somewhat agree with the definition of Small Notebook(aka netbook) and a fullfleged laptop(aka notebook) since a netbook is supposed to use less power and take up less space than a notebook.
    Let's take a look at the specs.

    Screen Size Today (Windows XP / Windows Vista)
    Not to exceed 12.1"

    Screen Size with Windows 7 Starter / Home Basic for Small Notebook PCs
    Not to exceed 10.2"

    That spec change is understandable as a netbook is supposed to be small. Not to mention a smaller screen size allows for less power

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