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Submission + - SPAM: Help Lazy Astronomers Do Astronomy

An anonymous reader writes: Astronomers are asking for the public's help to observe a star so bright that it overloads most of their equipment. epsilon Aurigae experiences an eclipse every 27 years but astronomers have yet to figure out what exactly is doing the eclipsing. So they just launched Citizen Sky, a 3-year project funded by the National Science Foundation to recruit and train the public to help astronomers gather data on this star. Here's what's unique: they also want the public to help analyze the data and write papers for a peer-reviewed astronomical journal. There is even an open-source (AGPL 3.0) project to develop the statistical and visualization tools needed to do the analysis and a goofy video that describes the overall project using Lite Brite diagrams.
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Help Lazy Astronomers Do Astronomy

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