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Submission + - Advice on Living and Working Abroad in New Zealand 5

An anonymous reader writes: I am a self-educated software developer in my late twenties with over 10 years of experience in my field. Other than than taking a few business trips overseas for a multinational corporation I work for, I have not considered working or living outside of the United States until recently. I'm getting to a point in my life where I am considering casting aside my single lifestyle and settling down, but before doing so want to go on one last big adventure for a few years.

While open to considering alternative locations, I have begun setting my sights on New Zealand; which I have heard many great things about. From my research on-line, it appears to be friendly to foreigners looking for work. What I have yet to determine is what the local employment market is like for a man such as myself, with marketable skills in software development such as Java, Python, SQL, AJAX, C++, XML, AS3, etc. What is the competition like out there? And who are the desirable employers of software developers in New Zealand?

Any advice from those who have worked and lived in New Zealand is greatly appreciated.
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Advice on Living and Working Abroad in New Zealand

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  • The market here in New Zealand has been heavily hit by the down turn and it's hard to find good paying jobs but is showing signs of recovery. Compared to the US you will find pay is low but that is partly offset by a lower cost of living. You may want to give some thought to where you would want to live. The type of work you are seeking is most likely found in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, in that order. Auckland is the clear leader in terms of market size and has the advantage that more compan
  • I live in Wellington and do IT consulting. It has slowed down but there is still plenty of Government and multinational work about if you have the right skills - which it sounds like you have. Wellington doesn't get the same boom and bust cycles like London etc (where you can either make a lot of cash, or be hard pressed to find anything). Lots of Java work, lots of Linux-infrastructure and web stuff. Not so much desktop stuff done here so Microsoft skills in less demand (Government work is often web work).
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    by dafing ( 753481 )
    Im a young New Zealander, living in Invercargill, right down the bottom of the South Island, home to the southernmost Mcdonalds in the world! (Im vegan though). I would think there would be many less tech jobs than in America, so it would probably be best if you found a job before you came. You will probably be wanting a large city, Auckland, our largest city of over a million people would be your first choice I would guess.

    Also, think about things you could miss, I know of many Americans who are in l

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