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Submission + - Real time CCTV to central control room on buses 1

An anonymous reader writes: Transport for London has quietly completed a trial of CCTV cameras on London buses that relay real-time images to a central control room. Mayor Boris Johnson has endorsed the scheme and looks forward to it being rolled out London wide. You can comment here or here

In some respects we are now beyond the concerns raised in George Orwell's 1984 because technology has advanced further than Orwell was able to imagine, and politicians seem eager to take it even further. I suspect many see the economic success of China with eyes of envy, and wonder at its quiescent hard working population.

Sure we can complain. There are forums for that. In London you can even protest — by arrangement with the Metropolitan Police, but we know the politicians will ignore our complaints, and the protests will merely provide easy column inches for the news papers.

So what can we really do to stop the erosion of our freedom by the state, or are we doomed to be monitored at work, at leisure, in our homes and woe betide anyone who dares to be different or fail to conform?
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Real time CCTV to central control room on buses

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