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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Green Packet's Packet 1 (P1) WiMAX @ Malaysia (blogspot.com)

BrickTech writes: "BrickTech attempts to help people understand technology behind all the marketing hype and advertising which can cloud people's judgement in an age of information overload. As they have had years of experience working in the tech industry, they know a lot of the behind-the-scenes truth of tech. They convey this in stories on the site, as well as comics made out of LEGO — for humour on the side.

In a recent post, BT highlighted the truth about a WiMAX service in Malaysia, called P1 (Packet 1), which was established under Green Packet to use Malaysia as a WiMAX "guinea pig" so they can sell CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) to the Middle-East and South America.

This information was found in a local tech printed magazine which published an interview with P1.

To add to this, BT talks about how P1's WiMAX is just a "con job" to fool Malaysians into parting with their money for sub-standard service and tech (P1 uses 2.3GHz WiMAX which is not supported by the latest Intel Centrino 2 notebooks which supports 2.5GHz, so P1 can profit by selling their 2.3GHz USB WiMAX modem). BT also mentions how P1 offers services in places which already have Internet coverage, defeating the purpose of offering WiMAX which is meant to bridge the "last mile".

BT also adds in the story about how past wireless Internet services have failed in the country due to the ruling Government's control of the main telecommunications provider, Telekom Malaysia, which prevents any other ISP from competing with it. With all the promotions P1 is doing in the country to convince the unsuspecting public that WiMAX is the next-generation Internet, the public are only realising the truth after being locked into the contract with P1. There have been newspaper reports of unsatisfactory services by gullible users, but the sheer marketing presence of P1, fuelled by their IPO during the launch, promising a better Internet, coupled with the lack of understanding by the public, continue to fool many.

Read more @ http://bricktech.blogspot.com/2009/07/p1-packet-one-wimax.html"

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Green Packet's Packet 1 (P1) WiMAX @ Malaysia

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