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Data Storage

Submission + - Pool: How many hard disk partitions do you use? 2

JonMerel writes: Pool: How many hard disk partitions are there on your primary computer?

1 We are in 2009, why partition anymore?
1 for each hard disk because my OS forces me to.
2 The system and my data separated
3 System, data, swap
4 or more (specify)
0 I am not using a file based OS
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Pool: How many hard disk partitions do you use?

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  • Can I swim in this POOL?

    What about "2 Root and Swap"?
  • I know in the past when NTFS was new and Windows-Linux filesystem cross-compatibility was an issue, some people would keep a FAT partition as a sort of go-between. I personally use the 3: System, Data, Swap. No need to make it more complicated. This is, of course, on a machine with lots of disk space but low RAM - if you have a high-RAM machine where storage space is a premium, swap is obviously not a great idea and it could be shrunk down or removed entirely.

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