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Submission + - Microsoft and Yahoo Reach Deal ( 3

e9th writes: We know that Microsoft failed last February in its attempt to buy Yahoo. Now, Advertising Age reports that they've reached a deal. Instead of a buyout, the two will enter into a revenue sharing agreement, and Bing will become Yahoo's default browser. The meat of the AdAge article can be found here, in Yahoo News.
This may give Google something to worry about.

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Microsoft and Yahoo Reach Deal

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  • This seems to be of little concern to Google, as they are still on top of the search engine wars. In addition, Bing is more popular than yahoo (already), so this deal makes little sense for Microsoft. That being said, Bing has much higher click-through rates on their advertisements (probably because they are a lot more obtrusive than the Google ads). Does anyone else have some insight into this? I am not a marketing guy, but this deal just doesn't make sense to me!
    • by e9th ( 652576 )
      Bing's current share of the search market is about 8%. The article claims the deal will bring it closer to 30%. Once your competitor grabs almost a third of the the market, you have something to worry about.

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