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Submission + - Replacing legal pads with elegal pads

JonnyDomestik writes: I'm a graduate student in mathematics and I find myself going through quite a few letter pads every week. While I buy in 12 packs for 10 bucks each, this means that over the course of the year I probably spend a few hundred bucks. Most of them are just filled with garbage and crossed out equations but there's enough in them that I feel weird about just throwing any away when I'm done with them. Anything truly important, of course, I copy into a set of clean notes. Can anyone recommend a way to manage this problem digitally? With the price I'm paying now, I could probably spend 500 bucks on a good solution and still save money in the long run. It would need to be some sort of handheld device that lets me write freehand (some sort of recognition would be nice if it could interpret math symbols) and it would be especially useful it had some sort of built in tagging system so I can easily find past work. Does such a handheld exist? If not, is it a piece of hardware that is lacking or just no software that does precisely what I want.
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Replacing legal pads with elegal pads

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