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sgt scrub writes: "LOLITA BALDOR wrote a nice piece for the Associated Press, noting the lack of people for government cyber security positions. For people with large student loan debts for that masters in IT, there is hope. It looks like the government has noticed that low pay for qualified technology people is one reason they are having "retention issues". However, another reason they believe they are having issues is lack of training.

The recruiting and retention of cyber workers is hampered by a cumbersome hiring process, the failure to devise government-wide certification standards, insufficient training and salaries, and a lack of an overall strategy for recruiting and retaining cyber workers, the study said. "You can't win the cyber war if you don't win the war for talent," said Max Stier, president of the Partnership for Public Service, a Washington-based advocacy group that works to improve government service. "If we don't have a federal work force capable of meeting the cyber challenge, all of the cyber czars and organizational efforts will be for naught."

Since a lot of Slashdot folks are experienced in technology security, what approach do you think will be best to secure the nation. Hire people with less training at lower salaries and train them? Or. Pay more for staff that already have the skills needed for the salaries found in the business sector?"

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Who will be our cyber security team?

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