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KGBear writes: The company I work for will soon force me to participate in Exchange, with calendaring being mandatory. Both my main machine and my laptop are Macs. All my other machines run Linux. I have not run Windows for anything serious since 1996. Currently I use Thunderbird with lots od add-ons for e-mail and iCal (with MobileMe) for calendaring. I profoundly dislike the Outlook look & feel. What are my options? Any suggestions, tips, stories to share?
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Tips for an Involuntary Exchanger?

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  • As a Mac user you can user MS Entourage (if someone pays for it, of course), but I find it to be a real mess, and definitely not integrated w/ the rest of the mac. So, you could go with Outlook Web Access (which resembles the main outlook interface), but actually works "seriously" on IE. So, if you do want to use it from a different browser/platform, you'll have to wait Exchange 2010, which should (according to MS) provide compatibility with firefox and safari. I followed a similar process, and hated Outl
    • by KGBear ( 71109 )
      Thank you for your views, drakpzone. I do have Entourage, which came with Office (which I bought for the odd Excel spreadsheet Numbers can't handle). The lack of integration, especially with iCal, would be a deal breaker if I wasn't doing this against my will in the first place. I'm also very concerned about losing some 20 Thunderbird add-ons which I use daily and have no counterparts in Entourage or anywhere else. I'm doing some tests and it may be possible to use both - Entourage for the calendar function

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