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Submission + - Update: NOT FOUND -NASA erased the Apollo 11 tapes ( 2

mbritojr writes: "Contrary to earlier reports on this very site that NASA has found and partially restored the Apollo 11 moon landing recordings, NPR reports that the restored footage to be released today is a combination of the best broadcast footage NASA could find which was digitally remastered by a Hollywood studio. The original tapes, NASA admits, were probably recorded over during a tape shortage due to the satellite boom in the late 70's — 80's. From the article: "An exhaustive, three-year search for some tapes that contained the original footage of the Apollo 11 moonwalk has concluded that they were probably destroyed during a period when NASA was erasing old magnetic tapes and reusing them to record satellite data." "NASA has, however, offered up a consolation prize for the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission — the agency has taken the best available broadcast television footage and contracted with a digital restoration firm to enhance it, so that the public can see the first moonwalk in more detail than ever before.""
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Update: NOT FOUND -NASA erased the Apollo 11 tapes

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