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Submission + - Ubuntu with Ext3 is Faster than Windows 7 and XP (flexense.com)

twitter writes: "Slashdot has reported questions about the performance of Windows 7 and comparisons to Ubuntu in general tests. At the time, people claimed that XP was faster than both and that Windows 7 just needed some work. Another study now shows that Ubuntu wipes both XP and Windows 7 in a key area, file service.

Abundant performance delivered by today's quad-core processors has shifted the performance bottleneck from the CPU and memory to the disk I/O subsystem in most of day-to-day usage scenarios. ... which one of modern operating systems is capable of utilizing fast hard drives and multi-core CPUs most effectively?

In all file search, classification and storage utilization analysis operations Ubuntu is faster than both tested Windows operating systems by a huge margin. ... users and IT professionals constantly working with large amounts data should seriously consider using Ubuntu Linux as the main file and data management platform.

I doubt any of this change by the promissed October 22 release date and don't know why people still use XP."

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Ubuntu with Ext3 is Faster than Windows 7 and XP

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